Sweden Sans

>>PÅ SVENSKA<<  This website is now using the Official Swedish font Sweden Sans, implemented with the aid of the WordPress plugin Use Any Font.

Commissioned by The Swedish Government and, launched in 2015, Sweden Sans is now the Official Swedish font. It is to be used across all government and state departments, organisations and companies representing Sweden, in a graphically unified manner across the globe. The font was created by a Swedish design company, Söderhavet, who has created a portal sweden.identitytool.com where interested parties can learn how to use the new graphic standard, along with sample code and the required font-files.

Subsequently, keen to promote my Swedish homeland and roots, I have downloaded (from sweden.identitytool.com) all the relevant SwedenSans web fonts and added them to the root folders of my Arvixe web servers, inserting a few lines of CSS code to my homepages, so that I too can represent “lagom Sweden”. For my WordPress blogs it was not quite as straight-forward! Fortunately, there are already plugins for bloggers that wants to use unusual or customised fonts for their blogs. Since I always keep my (self-hosted) Multi-Site WordPress installation up-to-date, with the latest releases (currently version 4.11.1), it was important to me to find a plugin that not only was guaranteed compatible but had a good record of getting updated promptly after each new WP software patch/upgrad. Use Any Font was therefore the obvious choice. You can use this plugin for free if you only ever intend to use and install one font, but I chose to donate the minimum permitted $10 for an unlimited number of fonts, lifetime subscription.

The simplest way to install the plugin is to go to Dashboard, then Plugins, then click Add New, and search for (including the hyphens) use-any-font and then add it from there. Note that the plugin will NOT appear in your plugin menu but as a standalone item in the main administrator menu, down in the left corner (above i.e. Amazon, Facebook AWD etc). Alternatively, if you prefer to do a manual install, you can of course just download the plugin as a ZIP-file and add it yourself. If so, visit wordpress.org/plugins/use-any-font. Once installed, you need to register yourself for an API-key (password) which is really simple and takes only a minute (a little longer if you make a donation, i.e. via PayPal). To setup: Upload the font-file, which you can retrieve from Söderhavet’s Sweden Sans portal sweden.identitytool.com or simply download from my page here. Give the font (your own) clever name, for example “Sweden Sans” (clever eh?), click save, then select the font from the drop down window and select where you want to use it. (If you had uploaded several differnt fonts you could now choose to use Font A for say Body text, and Font B for H1 size headings etc. This can be handy if you choose to download the Sweden Sans [regular] for instance as well as the Sweden Sans Bold.) Since most browsers are capable of making fonts bold, I simply uploaded the regular Sweden Sans and then checked all the boxes. Click Save one final time and you’re done!

Off WordPress, in the World of HTML and PHP…
You will need to add some simple CSS (either externally in a style sheet, i.e. sweden.css) or inline (or even inside a tag). I did it in HTML using a separate style sheet which I called sweden.css but if you just want to implement this font on a single page it might be easier to just type it inline? NB! The @font-face part must be entered before the tag where you call it (in this case the <BODY> tag but can just as easily be a <P>, <DIV> etc).

@font-face {
font-family: swedensans;
src: url('swedensans.eot'),

body {

NB! I have renamed my swedensans-webbfont.^ files to swedensans.^ just to prettify my coding! EOT is a font-type preferred by older Internet Explorer browsers (IE6) who don’t know a TTF if it stumbled on one. If your computer, or your visitor’s computer, already got Sweden Sans installed in it’s fontsets it is not necessary for the browser to retrieve the files from your server (homepage space) as long as the browser can call them – so don’t go offroad and rename the font-family! You can retrieve the relevant SwedenSans.eot, SwedenSansBold.ttf, SwedenSans-webbfont.ttf, SwedenSans.woff, SwedenSans.woff2 etc at Söderhavet’s portal.

Naturally, you can also add the fonts to your own computer but do remember that, if you use them in chat or e-mail, that unless the recipient also got this font installed (or have chosen a default font), they will see some other font (probably from the Serif-family). For Sweden Sans to work in iOS devices like iPhone and iPad, you need to configure your server’s MIME settings for SVG to “image/svg+xml” and if you know how to do that, then for good measure check if the server supports WOFF2 (MIME: application/font-woff2). Hint: in cPanel you’ll find MIME-settings under “Advanced”. Off-topic: CSS “src: local(‘…” is a surefire way to crash Android phones and tablets.

Finally; it would be remiss of me not to point out that Sweden Sans is owned and copyrighted (©) by Svenska Institutet.