My name is Anders, and I’m a single guy in Manchester UK. Born on a snowy Tuesday in Ludvika, Sweden; I moved to Manchester and England in late 1994, and have been here ever since! Despite having graduated in the Natural Sciences as well as explored Monastic Life both in the Christian and Buddhist traditions, I finally found my calling in being a train driver! In 2012 I received my 10-Year service badge from the British train-drivers’ trade union, ASLEF.

My absolutely main hobby is photography. I have been taking pictures since childhood. Starting with 126-film and an Kodak Instamatic 155X in 1975, I stepped up to SLR and 35mm film in 1989 with a Nikon F4. In 2000 I switched to digital with a 1Mpx camera (some of those photos have emerged lately on Tumblr™). In 2012 I acquired my first TLR (medium-format) camera, a Rolleicord, that uses analogue 120-film and requires a hand-held lightmeter! My secondary hobby for the past 20 years have been Genealogy, or “family history research”, as its called in the popular venicular. Originally for finding out as much as possible about forefathers (and foremothers) – so far I have identified over 1,200 relatives, many of them in the USA! I recently took up digitzing old 78s (bakelite and vinyl 78rpm records) and I have now a budding collection of “chart music” from the post-WW2 era… Another hobby is reading; in 2011, for Yule (or Exmas as Futurama calls it) 2011, my ex-boyfriend gave me a Kobo e-book reader. Being able to carry around an entire Billy (836.882.10) stacked with reference litterature and piles of unread books, is a dream come true to a “reader” like myself.

When I was 14 I was diagnosed with Gilbert’s Syndrome. GS is pretty much harmless to most afflicted, though some might experience unsettling jaundice symptoms or even an increased toxicity to paracetamol. On the upside, research has shown that high micromol bilirubine values might counteract heart attacks! My micromol value is usually 6 times the normal, e.g. around 120. I’ve also got IBS, the public flatulence aside, it’s not so bad…

What else…? Oh yes, I’m currently single, I live by myself in the million-metropolis that is Manchester and for holidays I mostly travel to Berlin and sunny places… In 2013 I went to Iceland for the first time. If you would like to contact me, use the form below – it will forward your message in an e-mail to me. Besides this single page, this site’s contents are entirely in Swedish (one way for me to keep my mother tongue alive), however at the bottom of this page you’ll find links to Facebook and my on-line scrap book (in English) at Tumblr, etc..

Thanks for visiting!